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Setting Up Netflix - Boring Cape Town Chick 5

How To Setup Netflix

It’s heeerrreeee! And Twitter is blowing up! Naturally. American television streaming service has hit the shores of South Africa as of…last night! And if…

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An Elevating Dinner at On19

Guys, I’ve got you! Ok, so you know how when you drive to the Waterfront on the Nelson Mandela Boulevard then you drive past…

Roundhouse in Cape Town

Breakfast at the Roundhouse

Many, many years ago, my friend and I were house sitting her ex-step mother’s home in Clifton (complicated, I know!). We were working together…

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Guga S'thebe - CTEMF - Goldie - Boring Cape Town Chickc

Meeting Goldie

Today I had a beautiful day. Went to work, managed to get a lot done without the stress levels getting too high and left…

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I promised to be good and blog every single day. It’s currently the 7th of January and so far NO…


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