Griet & Jägermeister present GTronic, Haezer VS DBL Adapter, Hyphen, Sibot & Sideshow @ The Assembly, 06.04.12

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Time and time again the Assembly proves to be one of my favourite clubs in Cape Town. There are a few competitive large venues in Cape Town but I’m never impressed by the ‘vibe’ that those venues have. The Assembly, however, never fails to provide a great service. Even if it’s a night out clubbing, it’s a still a business and party goers expect value for their money. This is why the Assembly never disappoints.

On Friday night, Jagermeister, The Assembly and Griet joined forces to bring out one of Belgium’s most well known electro producers and DJs – GTronic for their Friday night electro night Discotheque. Cape Town is mad for electro and the pre-sold and Facebook event looked promising even though the Two Ocean’s Marathon (TOM) was looming on Saturday morning.

Friday night’s line up started with the mash up party queen Sideshow. Next was South African’s most well known glitch producers, Sibot, who played his original compositions live. Most people do not realise this and I personally feel that he should explain his work a little more so people can really start to understand and realise why his music is so special and important in the electronic music scene. None the less, Sibot was still trending on Twitter on Friday night so good for him!

Next up was the international himself, GTronic. His brand of driving electro rocked the dance floor. I have to comment on the fact that the audience wasn’t composed of the usual Friday night party animals that frequent the Assembly. There was a new mix of most guys and some girls who I suspect were down for the TOM. I’m always happy when visitors have a huge party in Cape Town, it’s awesome to know our city is a party force to be reckoned with since promoters do strive to provide quality art.

Haezer and Double Adapter followed GTronic. This was a crazy scene of electro madness with all 3 indulging in a triple stage dive! After a night full of electro, Hyphen finished the line up for the evening with his brand of drum n bass sprinkled with dubstep and glitch beats. He kindly dedicated his set to a young man who was hit by a drunk driver in Hermanus a few days ago. His friends requested that Hyphen start his set with the young man’s favourite song which he did. Sadly, he has not survived the weekend. The Assembly does not endorse drinking and driving and provides cab cards and telephone numbers all over the club. Another great reason to support the venue.

A shout out to the lighting, sound and bar staff for great service as well. The club always looks awesome, it’s great to be able to get a drink within 10 minutes! One can always sit down, thank you for the separate smoking / non-smoking sections (hallelujah!) and for the many loos! Damn I’m over unisex toilets! Thanks to all the DJs, organisers and venue for another great night out in Cape Town!

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